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Ongoing improvements in the business are the real game. Either you are a one person or 1000 employees doing a
business. You are taking upward trajectory or moving down, there is no constant place in doing a business either
it is an offline or an online business.
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Link building is the number one ranking factor according and Google had confirmed it already. Links are the most
important factor to get higher ranking on SERP, and I want to show you the other face of the coin. “Link building
has almost dead” but for those who failed to adopt the changes. Old tactics of the link building had far gone by,
and if you are trying to rank your keyword by having those techniques in mind, let down the idea, before it let
you down.
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This topic aims to clarify the importance and need of article submission in making your website stand out in the
crowd. If you wisely use the article submission in content marketing, you can have a good amount of traffic from
search engines. So, stick in here and read the entire article, do not rush around, and give the full attention.